Les Séchoirs cottages / gîtes are located in the beautiful  Lot valley – named Lot-et-Garonne department 47- on the banks of the river Lot. We border the Dordogne and are close to three airports:

  • 60 minutes from Bergerac
  • 75 minutes from Bordeaux
  • 90 minutes from Toulouse

If travelling by car or motorcycle approximate times to/from Les Séchoirs are:

This video will give you a good feel for Les Séchoirs, its facilities and proximity to the river Lot.

Les Séchoirs Sat Nav (GPS) coordinates are (choose the format that works best for your device)
N 44° 21′ 21.3″ E 0° 23′ 8.5″
N 44.355917, E 0.385694

or use the latest in navigation and enter these 3 words to both locate Les Séchoirs and navigate to us from your current location!

English language : https://w3w.co/mergers.parallel.altitudes

La langue française :https://w3w.co/moustique.inventons.souligner

Postal Address (yes, it’s still valid!)
Les Séchoirs,
Lieudit Pacherat
47320, Clairac, France

Located on the D147E just 300m from the Carrefour Contact supermarket on the southern river bank road from Clairac heading towards Lafitte sur Lot; see the map below.

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