La Fête Medievale de Cadouin

Medieval history on our door step!

It is hard to believe what a rich area of history surrounds Clairac and one of the most interesting and popular annual events is now firmly on the calendar…La Fete Medievale de Cadouin.


The Dropt Valley lies just a few kilometres away from Clairac and is steeped in medieval history as it was where the kings of France and England and their armies faced each other and is where Richard the Lionheart died in battle in 1199. There are many medieval villages to explore in the valley throughout the year, but on the weekend 14- 16 August 2015, the bastide town of Eymet attracts visitors from far and wide to enjoy its medieval Fair.

Eymet at any time of the year is a delightful place to explore as it has beautiful examples of medieval buildings and arcades as well as numerous cobbled streets and an attractive square which is perfect place for relaxing and soaking up the atmosphere and writing a few postcards home.

La Fete Medievale de Cadouin begins on the Friday morning (14 August) at 10.00 and by lunchtime there are all types of activities taking place in Eymet that recreate life in Medieval France. Take a look at this video from last year’s festival!

IMGL7026It is interesting to discover that many of the games we played as children have their roots in medieval times and these include bowling, blind man’s buff / bluff, checkers and backgammon. For adults there was cock fighting and bull baiting and, for all the family, ‘apple bobbing’ was popular!

In Eymet’s centre, a medieval tavern is recreated and the focus for the celebrations is the Abbey de Cadouin where there is traditional music and dancing as well as juggling and, as night falls, a spectacle of flames!

The highlight for many is the medieval style banquet which takes place on the Saturday evening and is as authentic as possible with costumes, food and drink and it is fun to join in with something really different as it gives a great insight into how life was in medieval times.

If you are looking for something a little different to do this summer….joining in the fun of la Fete Medievale de Cadouin could be perfect! It’s around 45 minutes from Les Séchoirs in Clairac.

For tickets for the banquet call 05 53 75 53 64

The photos were taken by John Stephen on his Canon EOS 7D MkII DSLR on a recent trip to Eymet