Flying, Hang Gliding and Drone Lessons!

Less than ten kilometres from Les Séchoirs there is an airfield named Saint Exupéry Base ULM. It is an attractive airfield near Temple sur Lot with a variety of different light aircraft parked along the edge of the runway. It is a surprisingly busy airfield with aircraft taking off and landing regularly, which makes it a great place for flying enthusiasts! The best news is that Saint Exupéry offers introductory fixed wing flying, hang gliding and drone lessons so if it is something you have wanted to do, what better time than whilst you are on holiday and can enjoy great views over the river Lot!

If you intend to keep your feet definitely on terra firma, there is a lovely restaurant at the airfield where you can watch all the action whilst you enjoy a good meal! La Régalade is the name of the restaurant and it is open every day except Monday evenings and all day Tuesday. During the week there is a set three course menu for lunch priced at € 13.50, with Sunday lunch priced at €18.00. Evening menus are €18.00 during the week and €20.00 at the weekend. The menu is not extensive but the food is tasty. Table reservations are recommended for the weekend (05 53 95 08 81).

If you prefer, there is a bar next to the restaurant where you can order a drink or cup of coffee. There are tables and chairs inside and out and if you have children, there are swings by the outside terrace.