Carp & Catfish Fishing

“The best kept Angling secret in France” – September 2018
(and 2019/20 !!)

Fishing pontoon

The river Lot in Aquitaine – south west France is teeming with beautiful specimen Carp in prime condition of all sizes up to approx. 25 kg (60 lbs) with Carp of 10-17kg (25-40 lbs) being more normal. If you seek Catfish, then specimens exceeding 42kg (100 lbs) are not uncommon! The river Lot has long stretches where the fish may never have been presented with an angler’s bait before; so ground-baiting in advance is recommended. Serious Carp and Catfish fishermen must read this information.

However, perhaps you simply enjoy all sorts of fishing from bottom feeders to float fishing to spinning to dead baiting to boilies to zig rigs to night fishing ….all this is available to our guests at Les Séchoirs. All who come here leave having had a wonderful experience. Why? Because the fish are plentiful and, because it’s a river, you are never sure exactly what you’ll catch next! What is certain, is that the river Lot is one of the premium coarse fishing rivers in France with the river flowing all year round. The fish become strong in this constantly flowing water, so prepare for a fight!

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Fishing from an established fishing platform is optimum. At Les Séchoirs in Clairac , you will be able to enjoy the comfort and sophistication of luxury accommodation in a beautiful cottage (villa), with access to one of two spacious fishing platforms on your own private stretch of river, just a few steps away!


If you are passionate about your Carp (or catfish) fishing; read this additional information which will be of great interest!

The river Lot is not only famous for its carp but pike perch, black bass, bream, chub, ide, roach, tench and barbel; plus large catfish! Fishing from the platforms at Les Séchoirs is a delightful experience for all those who come here (with anglers returning again and again!) because all types of fishing are possible and mostly available all year. There is a fishing boat available for our guests to use when you hook that large one and need to play your fish mid-water! From our platforms, you have 13km (8 miles) of upstream river as far as Castelmoron to explore and fish.

The most recent ‘Guide de Pêche 47’ is now available for download


A short drive away is Casseneuil where you can fish with locals and also enjoy a picnic in the shade; it’s a lovely spot. It’s a beautiful environment where fishing is part of the French way of life.  

If you would like to fish from lakes in addition to the river Lot, there are a range of lakes within the area for you to try.

To give you a flavour of what the river Lot offers take a look at this video. Additionally, take a look at the fishing map for the Lot Valley (Le Bassin du Lot)

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Please note that you will require a licence to fish on the river Lot; these may be obtained online in advance of your stay or from a number of retail outlets in Clairac and surrounding towns. This video will give you a good feel for Les Séchoirs, its facilities and proximity to the river Lot.

The following photos are just a small sample of the photos of beautiful specimen Carp and Catfish (plus a nice Barbel!) in pristine condition that were caught from the river Lot at Les Séchoirs between 2015 and 2020!

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