Through the eyes of the artists – an Exhibition of Paintings in Clairac

Clairac, like many French villages has several artists living here with permanent exhibitions of their work in their studios. Certainly being situated directly on the river Lot, and surrounded by leafy hedgerows and farming land, it is not surprising that Clairac is a popular place with painters. Earlier in the year at Les Séchoirs gîtes, we found one of our French guests sitting on the river bank, directly outside his gîte, busily sketching the river in pencil and charcoal. Another of our guests, a young English lady who loved Kingfishers, erected a long bamboo pole, stretching out from the river bank, approximately 60 cm above the water; she sat sketching these beautiful birds as they perched there, peering into the water in search of dinner!

The colourful advertising posters can be seen in shop windows and on trees in Clairac, Aigillon, Tonneins and further afield and with just a week now until the annual exhibition of Painting in Clairac it is certainly being frequently mentioned in conversation in the local shops and restaurants.

The exhibition has attracted more than 70 painters of every kind – both professional and amateur as well as French and many foreigners who have made France their home and their paintbrushes have captures scenes, emotions, portraits as well as colourful abstracts in a variety of mediums.

The exhibition will be held in the Place de l’Hotel de Ville and will be running from Sunday 29 October – Friday 11 November and will be open daily between 14:00-18:30. Certainly it will well worth visiting as there will be a myriad of different works on display and the opportunity to buy many of the paintings.