COVID-19 Necessary Changes

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The Coronavirus pandemic has caused chaos in all sectors-
especially travel and tourism. We have received advice and guidance from many organisations including the French government and the large tourism group, Gîtes de France (of which we are members). We are being advised to protect our guests in every way possible so that they can relax and enjoy their time here, in the knowledge that every possible safety measure has been, and will be done. The principal changes that we must make are as follows :

Before and after your departure, the gîte will need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. The gite must first be aired for several hours. All rooms must be meticulously cleaned and sanitised including outdoor spaces and communal areas All the crockery, glassware, cutlery and kitchen utensils must be re-washed in the dishwasher. As a result, we need at least 6-8 hours to ensure that the gîte meets these high sanitary standards. This means that we must make changes in your arrival time and day and also departure.
Those guests staying in Les Pêcheurs are requested to delay their arrival and departure back by one day to the Sunday – Arrival time not before 17:00 and departure time is at 09:30 – or earlier.

Those guests staying in Les Tabacs will continue to arrive on the Saturday at 17:00 and will depart on Saturday by 09:30 – or earlier.

All guests are requested to adhere to these new times and are asked to arrive no-earlier than 17:00 on their arrival day and their departure should be latest 09:30 on their day of departure.

All non-essential items will have been removed from the gîte. These include information packs, board games etc. All information will be made available on-line.

All soft furnishings including chair cushions and decorative items will have been removed.

Salt / pepper and other condiments have to be removed. Plug-in mosquito deterrents will not be provided nor will hair driers or tissues.

We will , continue to provide a welcome “pack” and these items will be left In the fridge

Neither Chrissie nor John will enter your gîte during your occupancy. If it is necessary we shall do so wearing gloves and mask and will maintain a minimum of two metre distance from any occupants.

The swimming pool is normally shared. This cannot continue despite the fact that we shall increase the chlorine levels.

To ensure social distancing, only guests from one gîte may use the pool at any one time; and only between pre-arranged and designated hours. There will be one hour in between these swimming sessions to allow John or Chrissie to disinfect the sun beds etc.

Guests bringing toys and/or inflatable items must remove them and all other items (including rubbish) when they leave the pool at the end of their designated period.

The toilet in the swimming pool area is closed and may not be used. Parents with children will need to consider this.

Upon arrival and departure, John will greet only one member of the group to show him/her around the respective gîte and other facilities. 
All others are respectfully asked to remain in or near their car. Social distancing must be observed and the wearing of a mask is strongly requested for our mutual protection.

The laundry and the rubbish rooms will be open but, again please ensure that you keep your distance from other guests at all times.

The river side terrace will be open to our guests. There is a large table for each gîte’s guests at either end. Please maintain a social distance at all times. We appreciate that there will always be challenges with younger children.

The fishing platforms will be available but only one platform may be used by the guests of one gîte. The shared rowing boat cannot be made available.

What if we are unable to come due to continuing travel
restrictions in our country and / or France?

The final payment for your stay with us is due six weeks prior to your arrival. In order to be fair and reasonable to our guests, we are offering you one of two choices.

  1. Once the balance of your reservation has been paid, it will remain a confirmed booking  i.e. the gîte will remain reserved in your name for the dates booked. However, if, ten days prior to your planned arrival, it is clear to either of us, that travel will not be possible, then the money already paid (100%) will now be divided; 50% of the full rental cost will be returned to you and 50% will be be carried over and put towards a new reservation, at the date of your choice. However, as a “thank you”, we shall reduce the cost of this new booking by 25% irrespective of the time of year for your new reservation. 
  2. Withhold the balance of the rental. Your deposit (25%) already paid, will be carried forward towards a future booking in 2020 or 2021 at the then current rates.

We appreciate that this situation is very difficult for all of us and we realise that businesses everywhere are under real pressure and need to re- open. Les Séchoirs is no different in that respect and we sincerely hope that our position and proposals are reasonable under these difficult circumstances.

Finally, Chrissie and I regret having to make these changes but, we are required to do so, to ensure that we protect our guests and, of course ourselves.

We have tried to cover all the key aspects of the changes but, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We have become very used to Zoom calls and, should you wish to chat this through with us, please tell us and we shall set up a Zoom call with you.

John and Chrissie STEPHEN – 1st June 2020