With Christmas just around the corner…..

As autumn turns to winter, there has been much to do in the garden at Les Séchoirs as the fig and mulberry trees shed their leaves by the ton! Luckily there have been some lovely days perfect for outdoor work in Lot et Garonne with the warm sun out by lunchtime making gardening pleasant and fishing more enjoyable!

Still not as commercialised as it is in the UK, Christmas has arrived in the local shops in Clairac, Tonneins and Villeneuve quicker than in past years and the first Santa climbing up the house walls can be spotted on a house overlooking the river here just along the river path from Les Séchoirs!, Having said that, there is a house on the main road to Aiguillon where Santa continued to climb the wall throughout 2017!

The shops are full of all the usual tinsel and glitter and party dresses, snazzy boots and fur trimmed coats. The French have caught on to the marketing ploy ‘Black Friday’ and electrical stores and clothes shops were offering attractive deals. Christmas trees fixed into logs are just appearing in the shops and chocolate filled Advent Calendars too – for the first time.

The markets have new seasonal produce to be enjoyed including squash, pumpkin and a variety of mushrooms. By early December many villages will be having special Christmas Markets with gift ideas, fun for the children and lovely warming cups of mulled wine for adults.

Housewives are busy preparing for the holiday which is only Christmas Day in France! Everyone will be back at work on Boxing Day here which suggests that few French people over indulge with food and drink on Christmas Day!

Joyeux Noël !