Calling all truffle lovers!

The French adore truffles and the black Perigord Truffle (Tuber melanosporum) gets its name from the Perigord region where they thrive, whilst white truffles are found in the Drome Valley.

This Sunday (January 15th) and for the remaining two in January 2017, truffle lovers will be congregating in Prayssas for the annual Truffle Market, where local farmers will be displaying truffles for sale along with some bottles of good wine to accompany them! This winter, although it has been a good harvest season for truffles, prices are higher than usual.

Truffles have long been regarded as a gourmet food and the French chef, Jean Savarin described them as ‘diamonds in the kitchen’. Truffles are actually subterranean fruiting fungi that grow in the soil – the black truffle is usually found close to the roots of an oak or hazelnut tree.

The aroma and taste of truffle is very distinctive and for this reason (as well as the price!) it is used sparingly with shavings of truffle added to pasta, salads and many other dishes. In the local shops several truffle products can be found such as truffle oil and honey.

Certainly the Truffle Market in Prayssas will prove very popular as usual and if you are looking for a special gift for the person who has everything….what about a Perigord Black Truffle!