Serious Carp and Catfish Fishing


July 2017 : Rian caught this 23kg (50lb) catfish; a beauty!

In late summer 2016 and spring 2017 our guests included a number of serious and experienced (match) carp fishermen who not only provided us with a profile of the river Lot around Les Séchoirs, but also gave some vital tips to those visiting us who take their catfish and carp fishing very seriously! These are the key things that you should have available as a minimum:-

  • 170-240 gram leads
  • 25lb main line with 40 lb leaders
  • Size 4 hooks
  • 3 lb test curve rods
  • Rod pods are recommended

The river Lot flows all year. As such the carp and catfish are very muscular as they need to swim against the current – which can be strong. Because of this, the carp are SRONG fighters and a 20-30lb (10-15kg) carp will fight VERY HARD; be warned!

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In terms of baits, the fish around les Séchoirs are plentiful and, as you can see from the profile you should probably fish within one of the two “channels”. If you use smaller baits you will inevitably catch copious quantities oCarp 16kg - 35lbf roach, bream, chubb and the indigenous Ide (cross between a bream and a roach). Using large boilies  will usually attract only the larger fish so our guests often run three rods each with different baits to be sure to catch a good range of fish!

River Lot cross section and depths - May 2017

River Lot cross section and depths – May 2017





: July 2017; a guest arrived and, shortly after arrival mid afternoon, was setting up his fishing gear. Within less than an hour, he was playing a large fish; it was a 36lb (16.3kg) Catfish. WONDERFUL ! However, the next day, he caught a 23kg (50lb) catfish for which another bottle of “bubbly” was awarded!

Late September 2016 : One of our Dutch fishermen slept out in his bivvy each night and had moderate success in catching carp and catfish. On his last night, he was playing what he believed was a small (less than 15lb / 7kg carp) when   WHACK! The fish he was playing had been taken by a seriously large catfish. Unfortunately this catfish hadn’t been hooked. Our guest reeled in what remained of his carp; there was not much left of it …..
As he was leaving to retuIMG_2531rn to the Netherlands, he said that he would be back; but this time he would focus on these LARGE catfish, possibly just upstream from Les Séchoirs where the depth is around 2 metres deeper! But are you ready to catch one this size ?!!!

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