Pujols – a lovely Sunday morning drive from Les Séchoirs

With a few free hours this Sunday, we decided to head to the lovely village of Pujols which lies just 26 minutes away. The drive was really lovely and re-affirmed what a great place Les Séchoirs is for getting out and exploring….

It has to be said that Pujols (a bastide village) is one of the prettiest villages in the area… perched high on a hilltop overlooking the river Lot. Because it has such excellent views both to the north and south it was encircled by defensive walls in the 15th century.

Sunday is market day in Pujols so we had no better excuse to visit it! Pujol is situated just ten minutes from Villeneuve sur Lot and views from the village over the town are impressive.

Pujols is a truly delightful village that is entered by an archway. Many of its buildings are half-timbered with gardens filled with vibrant flowers and the village’s medieval charm is well preserved. Heading along the main street, one soon realises that there is just one main street and a few little side roads and that is it! The market stalls were laid out right into the heart of the village and the 19th century covered market place and it was fun to wander around sampling the local cheeses, preserves, pastries, fresh produce and wine. Several of the village shops and artists’ studios are open and this adds to the lovely relaxing ambience. Coffee shops are open too so coffee or lunch in the sunshine is a tempting finale!

There are two lovely churches in the heart of the village – Sainte Foy on the northern side and St Nicholas to the south. Both are worth visiting as they have 15th century frescoes to admire. All is all, for those seeking a perfect lazy Sunday, Pujols takes some beating…